Onkaparinga Hills Weather station

Our Location


Country : Onkaparinga Hills, South Australia, Australia

This weather station is located on in the Huntingdale Estate, in Onkaparinga Hills. Although the station is not setup to BOM specifications, it has been found to be extremely accurate.

Our Position


Country : Australia
State: South Australia
Suburb : Onkaparinga Hills

see map beside to locate our suburb in an interactive map.

Weather installation


Our sensors are mounted over the roof, at approximately four metres above the ground (<#altitude> from sea level). This installation does have trees on the eastern side, this does affect wind readings from that direction.


Hardware : Davis Vantage Vue - Wireless outdoor sensors.

Anenometer, Thermometer, rain gauga.

Weather station :


Station : Davis Vantage Vue
Computer : Windows 7>

Weather website :


Online since : 30th January 2010
Weather template : Weather by You!
Template design : Metamorphozis
Weather engine : Cumulus

Weather networks

Onkaparinga Hills Weather is also broadcasted on following International weather networks :
Weather Underground Weather Observations Website